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MyTalentPlanner software uniquely combines strategy, talent, and execution to help you proactively solve your people issues to accelerate growth.

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Build the plan to solve the number one issue limiting your growth.

We have many plans in our business and life (marketing, vacation, and retirement).

But the irony is, we don’t plan for the number one issue facing our company. That issue is people issues.

Like most leaders before discovering this ironic truth, I tried to solve our people issues in bits and pieces, like one-off hiring and development processes.

Unfortunately, these one-off tactics are less effective because they are reactive and not tied to our strategy. They are not part of a larger Talent Plan.

The good news is that there is a solution to your people issues that will accelerate the growth of your organization.

The solution is Talent Planning. Talent Planning creates a multi-year Strategy and Talent Plan that proactively works upstream to solve your people issues before they impact your organization. 

MyTalentPlanner is the first software that walks you through a simple Talent Planning Process to create your Strategy and Talent Plan with an execution cadence to ensure it gets executed.

The future of talent is Talent Planning.

– Steve Van Remortel (Founder of MyTalentPlanner).

How MyTalentPlanner works


The strategy section includes both the Strategic and Financial Vision. These two visions act as a bullseye for all your company decisions, including your Talent Plan.

Your Strategic Vision includes essential components such as:

  • Differentiation: Why is a customer going to choose you vs. your competitor?
  • Vision for your culture: How do you want your culture described by your employees?

Your Financial Vision is the 5-7 metrics that you monitor weekly and monthly to ensure your strategy is working and moving toward your Strategic and Financial Vision. 

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The talent section includes tools that will help you make your vision a reality by growing your people, ultimately growing your business. These tools include:

  • Current org structure
  • Talent Vision (future org structure)
  • Talent Plan
  • 9 Box
  • Behavioral Science assessments and team wheels.

Your current structure is a chart of every position and person, including their Behavioral Science (DISC and Driving Forces) results.

Your Talent Vision is the functional organizational structure you need by the end of your vision to achieve it. This is created after you define strategy.

Your Talent Plan is the bridge that gets you from your current structure/team to your Talent Vision.

The 9 Box and Behavioral Science results are tools to help you develop and execute your Talent Plan

Execution Cadence

The execution section includes all of the meetings you will complete ensuring your Strategy and Talent Plan get executed.

There are seven total meetings in the execution cadence:

  1. Leadership Team Meeting
  2. Department Meetings
  3. Plan Execution Meeting
  4. Sprint Meeting
  5. Company Meeting
  6. Huddle Meeting
  7. 1:1 Meeting

The most significant benefit of the Execution Cadence is that everyone in the organization has clarity on when communication happens and when they get to provide input or ask questions – we call it communication clarity.

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MyTalentPlanner helps my team to proactively solve the people issues limiting our growth. Since going on MyTalentPlanner, we’ve increased our revenue 125% and lowered turnover by 25%. It’s clearly working.

Jordan Ogren
CEO @ Total Energy Systems

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