Become a Talent Planning Advisor

Accelerate the growth of your business and clients by helping them solve their #1 challenge of people issues.

Who's a good fit for this program?

Talent Planning Advisors are consultants that want to grow their practice by providing a unique Talent Planning Process and software. They help their clients solve their number one issue limiting growth, which accelerates the growth of their clients and their business.

You're a great fit if you:

  • Provide consulting on talent or strategy
  • Provide services in either strategy or talent industries
  • Looking to start a consulting practice and want a proven and repeatable process to grow

What do you get as a Talent Planning Advisor?

Increase revenue

You get 15% of all subscription revenue for companies you maintain on the software. In addition, you will increase the consulting services you provide because you can serve more clients with the assistance of technology.

Gain a clear differentiation

You will stand out from other consultants and agencies as you offer your clients a Talent Planning Process accompanied by software that solves their number one issue limiting growth.

Take advantage of the technology disruption

As more companies embrace technology to solve their talent and strategy issues, you will be prepared to help them with MyTalentPlanner vs. becoming a victim to the disruption.

Build a firm you can eventually sell

Without software, selling a consulting practice or agency is challenging. With software, you have predictable annual recurring software revenue that increases the value for a future buyer.

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